June 13, 2013

More speed

I’m really happy to announce that Green Horse Games got an angel investment from Malin Stefanescu. This gives us the opportunity to improve furthermore CarsCup.com and start working on the concept of our next game.

Here’s the text of the press release:


Green Horse Games, a Romanian online gaming company, announces an angel investment from Malin-Iulian Stefanescu (General Manager EEU Software) for a percentage of 11.5% of the company. The investment will assist Green Horse Games, company launched by George Lemnaru, in the continuous development of online games for the international market.

CarsCup (www.carscup.com), the first game developed by Green Horse Games and it is dedicated to all car enthusiasts around the world. The game allows car clubs to compete in organized virtual races.
With this investment, Malin-Iulian Stefanescu becomes a minority shareholder with 11.5% of the company. George Lemnaru (CEO and founder of Green Horse Games) continues to be the majority shareholder of the company. The first investment will support the improvement and development of CarsCup and give the team resources for a second game the following year. The amount invested is not public.
George Lemnaru, founder of Green Horse Games has launched its first business in 2003, NaturaPlant.ro, the first Romanian online store for natural products. Since 2007, George Lemnaru made his mark in the international market by developing one of the most popular social games in Eastern Europe, building a community of over 4 million users. He is now the majority shareholder of Green Horse Games and the company’s CEO.
We want to show that we can create powerful gaming companies, ready for the international market. The financial support and our investor’s business experience certainly are decisive factors in achieving our goal with Green Horse Games“, mentioned George Lemnaru, CEO and Founder of Green Horse Games.
Malin Stefanescu has over 17 years experience in the software industry. Apart from activating as an angel investor, Malin Stefanescu owns EEU Software, a software development company that starting with the year 2000 has developed noteworthy projects for international markets such as United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Belgium, Finland, France and the Netherlands. EEU Software closed 2011 with a 2.4 million EUR turnover, presently numbering 53 employees.
I see in George and the Green Horse Games team an immense enthusiasm for what they do, a valid experience and desire to create one of the leading online gaming companies in the region. I also believe that the new generation of entrepreneurs will show more creativity in the IT market and therefore I will continue closely analyze the online industry in Romania and the region in order to invest in new projects“, said Malin Stefanescu, General Manager EEU Software.
The investment will assure the continuous development of Green Horse Games, marking the crossing to a new strategic phase. The legal activity was conducted by Biris Goran law firm (www.birisgoran.ro), a leading law firm in Romania, also known for setting up VentureConnect (www.ventureconnect.ro), the first pitching and networking event dedicated to IT and technology entrepreneurs.
In the future, Green Horse Games will seek further funding to support the continous expansion of the company. For more information and to register CarsCup in the game, visit the website: www.carscup.com.

August 14, 2012

Development advice of the day

Stop building features, start building an experience

May 29, 2012

Entrepreneurship in gaming

Tomorrow at 12.00 pm (Bucharest time) I’ll be live at Radio Lynx and Wall-Street.ro talking about entrepreneurship in gaming. 

You can find more details in this articole

May 14, 2012

Cofounders Dating

As you might already know I will start soon a new gaming company. If you’re a tech guy or an UI Design guy and you’re passionate about gaming you migh want to see my presentation and join me at Bucharest Hubb.

Here is the link:


May 8, 2012


Good article written by Natasha Starkell about eRepublik:
Success story: Romanian George Lemnaru tells story behind MMOG eRepublik 


April 12, 2012

Making excuses

So you have this great idea for an online project but nobody would invest in it.

I know the feeling: you need the money so bad for tons of things, mostly for the code and design. 
You keep trying to convince those potential investors and they keep not getting it. Until you realize that they won’t get it at all no matter how good you would explain it. 

Yes, investors do that often. And you have 2 options:

1. To become frustrated as the world around you is so dumb. Starting from the investors that don’t see the potential of the project, continuing with your parents that are not rich and maybe blaming also the politicians that are so bad at doing their job. And those are great excuses – how can you do great things when those people are not what you expect them to be?

2. To get over frustration and solve the bottleneck. Learn how to code and learn how to create an interface if that’s what’s stopping you. 
You will do a lousy job as you’re not the best at coding or design but you will solve the bottleneck and you will be able to continue with your idea.

The second option is the harder one and a very small number of people choose it. Those are the people that later will talk about their successes. 



March 26, 2012

And it was epic

More than 5 years have passed since I started working for eRepublik. As I went through both great and difficult moments, now is time for me to look for a new challenge. So, last week I resigned from eRepublik and kept just an advisory role in the company (besides my role as a shareholder that wasn’t changed).

Why? We built a great team and a great company. Nevertheless we’re close to that moment when my experience will help the company only marginally. So I am looking for a new challenge, a new start-up that I will build.

This is what I’m leaving behind:
- one of the biggest online start-ups that started in Romania;
- a financially solid company;
- a really great team.

Thanks to the people that were close to me:
- the eRepublik citizens – I’m proud for the moments of joy that you guys had while playing eRepublik and I apologize for the moments of frustration. What’s clear for me is that we couldn’t make it without you.
- the eRepublik team – It was a pleasure to work with you, guys. I personally learned a huge amount of things by growing this company together.
- Alexis Bonte – the best partner that I could ever had.

What will happen furthermore:
- eRepublik – my responsibilities are divided between Alexis and Mihai Adamut (Mihai being the Product Manager of eRepublik in the past 12 months). They are the most competent people to do that and, together with the rest of the team, I’m sure they will help the company grow even more;
- me – I will take 2 or 3 months in which I will relax (pretty interesting feeling after all those years) and meet people that will help me build my next company.

PS: You can contact me on the same mobile number and on my gmail address (george.lemnaru).

October 27, 2011

Interview for How to Web

Really smart and interesting questions. It was a pleasure to participate at this interview:


September 28, 2011

Start small if you plan to become Big

I know you have this dream about creating the greatest product ever.

You’re seeing all those cool features that will allow the users to do many interesting things and not get bored.
There are 2 ways to do that:

1. Start building that kick-ass product with all the planned features.
And this is what will happen:
- You will actually see and try for the first time your product quite late in the development phase;
- No external user will test your product
during all that long term development process;
Meanwhile, you’ll be changing your mind and as a result, you will also change features This means even longer development time. Plus that the changes will be based on your guesses, not on users’ feedback;
- Crunch Time will be your team best friend;- You move the mindset of the team from creating an experience for the users, to creating features. Remember that users are not excited by great features, but by great experiences;
- B
y the time you will be able to get feedback from the users your team and budget will no longer be in a good shape.

2. Or build a small prototype with basic features that you can play with very fast. Later you can add all the other features.

Basic learning: test the first prototype of your product as soon as possible!

April 21, 2010

Romanian Internet Chippendales Video leaked

So finally we couldn’t keep this secret anymore: Biz magazine found out that the Romanian online entrepreneurs are creating a “chippendales” type band. Together with Radu Ionescu, Sergiu Biris, Bobby Voicu, Marius Ghenea and Cristi Manafu we decided to take this step in order to bring the Romanian online industry to the next level.Why we did this? I think everybody had his own reasons:Sergiu Biris: “I was always an animal rights activist so I want to use this opportunity to tell to the people that animals should not be used for their fur. If this means using my body to bring more attention to this issue – hell, yeah!”Cristi Manafu: “I think women in Romania don’t have enough reasons to be happy. The reasons for this start from historical background to the state of our economy. Appearing half naked is like a present that I offer to them, and I hope that this will be just one of the first steps that we all have to do to make Romanian women happier.”Me and Bobby Voicu: “First we didn’t agree. We didn’t wanted to reach this state where every woman that we meet considers us just a pack of muscles. We don’t want to be considered only objects!!! But then we changed our minds.”Radu Ionescu: “I thought that it was a stupid idea but I’ve been told that Marius Ghenea was in so I participated too.”Marius Ghenea: “Somebody told me that there is this cool photo shooting where Radu Ionescu is participating so I found it quite an interesting idea.”More pictures and info can be found in this month edition of Biz magazine.PS: This blog post is a joke. The guys never said those things (or at least I never heard them).