June 13, 2013

More speed

I’m really happy to announce that Green Horse Games got an angel investment from Malin Stefanescu. This gives us the opportunity to improve furthermore CarsCup.com and start working on the concept of our next game.

Here’s the text of the press release:


Green Horse Games, a Romanian online gaming company, announces an angel investment from Malin-Iulian Stefanescu (General Manager EEU Software) for a percentage of 11.5% of the company. The investment will assist Green Horse Games, company launched by George Lemnaru, in the continuous development of online games for the international market.

CarsCup (www.carscup.com), the first game developed by Green Horse Games and it is dedicated to all car enthusiasts around the world. The game allows car clubs to compete in organized virtual races.
With this investment, Malin-Iulian Stefanescu becomes a minority shareholder with 11.5% of the company. George Lemnaru (CEO and founder of Green Horse Games) continues to be the majority shareholder of the company. The first investment will support the improvement and development of CarsCup and give the team resources for a second game the following year. The amount invested is not public.
George Lemnaru, founder of Green Horse Games has launched its first business in 2003, NaturaPlant.ro, the first Romanian online store for natural products. Since 2007, George Lemnaru made his mark in the international market by developing one of the most popular social games in Eastern Europe, building a community of over 4 million users. He is now the majority shareholder of Green Horse Games and the company’s CEO.
We want to show that we can create powerful gaming companies, ready for the international market. The financial support and our investor’s business experience certainly are decisive factors in achieving our goal with Green Horse Games“, mentioned George Lemnaru, CEO and Founder of Green Horse Games.
Malin Stefanescu has over 17 years experience in the software industry. Apart from activating as an angel investor, Malin Stefanescu owns EEU Software, a software development company that starting with the year 2000 has developed noteworthy projects for international markets such as United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Belgium, Finland, France and the Netherlands. EEU Software closed 2011 with a 2.4 million EUR turnover, presently numbering 53 employees.
I see in George and the Green Horse Games team an immense enthusiasm for what they do, a valid experience and desire to create one of the leading online gaming companies in the region. I also believe that the new generation of entrepreneurs will show more creativity in the IT market and therefore I will continue closely analyze the online industry in Romania and the region in order to invest in new projects“, said Malin Stefanescu, General Manager EEU Software.
The investment will assure the continuous development of Green Horse Games, marking the crossing to a new strategic phase. The legal activity was conducted by Biris Goran law firm (www.birisgoran.ro), a leading law firm in Romania, also known for setting up VentureConnect (www.ventureconnect.ro), the first pitching and networking event dedicated to IT and technology entrepreneurs.
In the future, Green Horse Games will seek further funding to support the continous expansion of the company. For more information and to register CarsCup in the game, visit the website: www.carscup.com.

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  1. November 13, 2013
    Ionut said...

    Salut George,
    In primul rand felicitari pentru ceea ce ai/ati facut pana acum cu acest proiect. Am cateva propuneri ce ar putea sustine proiectul CarsCup si de aceea as vrea sa ne intalnim si sa discutam pe marginea lor. Daca esti interesat te rog contacteaza-ma pe adresa de email completata in form.

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