April 21, 2010

Romanian Internet Chippendales Video leaked

So finally we couldn’t keep this secret anymore: Biz magazine found out that the Romanian online entrepreneurs are creating a “chippendales” type band. Together with Radu Ionescu, Sergiu Biris, Bobby Voicu, Marius Ghenea and Cristi Manafu we decided to take this step in order to bring the Romanian online industry to the next level.Why we did this? I think everybody had his own reasons:Sergiu Biris: “I was always an animal rights activist so I want to use this opportunity to tell to the people that animals should not be used for their fur. If this means using my body to bring more attention to this issue – hell, yeah!”Cristi Manafu: “I think women in Romania don’t have enough reasons to be happy. The reasons for this start from historical background to the state of our economy. Appearing half naked is like a present that I offer to them, and I hope that this will be just one of the first steps that we all have to do to make Romanian women happier.”Me and Bobby Voicu: “First we didn’t agree. We didn’t wanted to reach this state where every woman that we meet considers us just a pack of muscles. We don’t want to be considered only objects!!! But then we changed our minds.”Radu Ionescu: “I thought that it was a stupid idea but I’ve been told that Marius Ghenea was in so I participated too.”Marius Ghenea: “Somebody told me that there is this cool photo shooting where Radu Ionescu is participating so I found it quite an interesting idea.”More pictures and info can be found in this month edition of Biz magazine.PS: This blog post is a joke. The guys never said those things (or at least I never heard them).

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    Restart pe Internet, pictorial inedit said...

    [...] unii au spus chiar “incendiar”, alaturi Sergiu Biris, Bobby Voicu, Cristian Manafu, George Lemnaru si Radu Ionescu. Pana la aparitia revistei, a aparut deja pe youtube (si pe Trilulilu) un scurt [...]

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    Dezbracat pe coperta BIZ Blogul lui Bobby Voicu – alpha beta version said...

    [...] George Lemnaru Sergiu Biris Marius Ghenea url_site="http://www.bobbyvoicu.ro/dezbracat-pe-coperta-biz.html"; tweetmeme_source = ‘bobbyvoicuro’; var fbShare = {url: ‘http://www.bobbyvoicu.ro/dezbracat-pe-coperta-biz.html’, title: ‘Dezbracat pe coperta BIZ’} Voteaza-ma pe FotbalAdevarat, sa pot fi portar in meciul impotriva legendelor fotbalului Iti recomand sa mai citesti… Inchide / Deschide recomandarile [...]

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    micromoft.ro Cealaltă faţă a lui Cristian Manafu said...

    [...] cel mai mult. Altfel, mai apar, tot aşa pictaţi, Marius Ghenea, Radu Ionescu, Bobby Voicu, George Lemnaru şi Sergiu Biriş. Articol din categoria Fun – April 21st, 2010.  [...]

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